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A Rich Heritage

We began changing the Lower Mainland in 1983 under the direction of our founder Grant Holcombe. His son Lance took over the company in 1997 with a lofty goal: take this business to a whole new level. Through his pioneering spirit, we’ve gone from building residential homes to creating a group of companies focused on allowing hardworking people to blow past the standards and expectations set for them everyday.

What Get’s Us Up in the Morning

6AM comes quick and our families and communities depend on us to answer the bell. Our drive comes from looking at our list, making a plan, solving problems and getting to work. The smell of coffee in the morning doesn’t hurt either.

Our Dreams

We’re builders in every sense of the word. We want to see our team build strong families, our job sites built right and our world become just a little better than when we got it.

Customline Residential Services

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